Les histoires

After School Active

In our community, there aren’t necessarily a whole lot of things for kids to do. So we offer a program after school with the help of Sport Nova Scotia. It feels so good to see these children being active and having so much fun doing it! My name is Kirinda Glawson and I’m a school teacher at Sheet...Read more

Kent Brown – Boxer, Survivor, Teacher

My name is Kent Brown. I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am a Fisher River Cree Band member. The spirit name I have been given is Black Wolf. I belong to the Wolf Clan. This story is about how my sport of boxing defined and inspired me to become the person that I am today. I grew up in the north...Read more

PHAT Soccer, a story of courage, resilience, and hope

Brampton, Ontario, is a destination point for many new Canadians. Unfortunately, with various religious beliefs and cultures in this ethnically diverse community, racial tensions and violence sometimes escalate between youth groups. After a 15-year-old was stabbed to death for his running shoes and...Read more

Spence is a neighborhood where everybody gets to play

The Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA) is a community-based organization in Winnipeg that advocates for inner-city kids. With the assistance of True Sport, the SNA has transformed its operations from two basketball teams in 2008 – to nine basketball teams and six soccer teams in 2010. Over 500...Read more

A Profound Impact

I first learned about Commonwealth Games Canada’s Canadian Sport Leadership Corps (CSLC) internship program when I went to the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England, as a member of the Canadian National Men’s Field Hockey Team. The program piqued my interest. After our team didn’t qualify...Read more

Creating Opportunities

When I arrived at TTASPE in 2008 as a Commonwealth Games Canada intern, TTASPE wanted to work with the Trinidad & Tobago Paralympic Committee (TTPC) because it was felt they hadn’t reached their potential in what they could do for people living with disabilities. I was working on the Ready...Read more

Sport for All

When I first went to Trinidad & Tobago as a Commonwealth Games Canada intern in 2008, I was sent to work on Ready & Able, a sport program for people living with disabilities. Since then, I have worked at both the community level and in special schools in the region. For the schools, we took...Read more

Pelican Lake Alliance of Youth

The Pelican Lake Alliance of Youth is the only organization in this community run for youth – by youth. Their vision is to create a First Nation where youth of all ages can work together to achieve mental, physical, social and personal development through participation in cultural events and...Read more

Ottawa Street Soccer: Changing Lives Through Sport

From the plains of Africa to the 100,000 seat Camp Nou stadium in Spain to the streets of Ottawa, soccer is everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s being played with a flip-flop, a beach ball or a FIFA regulated soccer ball. It doesn’t matter who’s playing, from age 4-44. Soccer has no age, no...Read more