Nos raconteurs

Faites connaissance avec nos raconteurs – des gens comme vous.

Ici, nous nous rassemblons pour partager des histoires sur le pouvoir qu’exerce le sport pour changer des vies et transformer des collectivités.

Les raconteurs que vous rencontrerez ici sont des gens comme vous – ils ont vécu des expériences sportives qui ont su transformer la vie d’une ou plusieurs personnes.

Ces raconteurs ont fait un premier pas très simple : ils ont partagé leur histoire ici, pour vous, afin que vous puissiez profiter de leur expérience, encourager la discussion sur le changement par l’entremise du sport et peut-être même vous inciter à partager une histoire sur la manière dont le sport a eu un effet transformateur pour vous.

Kirinda Glawson

City: Sheet Harbour Province: Nova Scotia I have always led an active life myself and love encouraging young people to be active as well. I love being outside walking, running hiking, camping,...My Profile

Nicola Harris

City: Brampton Province: Ontario My interest in sport goes back to my childhood, where as a person of color residing in a community where I was the minority, the universal acceptance tool for me was...My Profile

Chino Argueta

City: Winnipeg Province: Manitoba Chino Argueta is the Sports Coordinator for the Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA). Chino is a newcomer to Canada from Guatemala since 2005. In the last year of...My Profile

Scott Sandison

City: Toronto Province: Ontario Former Canadian Sport Leadership Corps (CSLC) intern, Botswana and South Africa. CSLC interns use sport and physical activity as the primary tool to address a range of...My Profile

Jennie Wong

City: Barrie Province: Ontario Canadian Sport Leadership Corps intern, Trinidad & Tobago Alliance for Sport and Physical Activity (TTASPE)My Profile

Gracie Protopapas

City: Ottawa Province: Ontario I am in my final year of journalism at Carleton University. I have always been involved in sports starting with soccer, which I continue to play today. I have played...My Profile

Tamasha Grant

City: Toronto Province: Ontario I am Tamasha Grant. I am a 30 year old mother of 2, with a passion for life that was born and raised here in Canada to a low income immigrant family. I have come to...My Profile