Key Policy Issues

2019 Pre-Budget Consultations

Sport Matters Group is looking for input from sport/physical activity/recreation groups to develop our messages for the Standing Committee on Finance.

Click here for a copy of the SMG webinar presentation on Budget 2019.  If you are unable to participate in a webinar, please submit your feedback no later than Thursday, July 19, 2018 to Lindsay.

Canadian Sport Policy (CSP)  2.0

SMG was heavily involved in the Canadian Sport Policy Renewal consultation process, which encourages interested Canadians and sport communities to contribute and to help build a sport policy that reflects the sport and organized recreational opportunities they want in Canada. The vision embraced by the policy will lays the foundation upon which efforts will be focused through 2022 to improve sport in Canada.

SMG has participated in all of the consultation roundtables, contributing energy and ideas, and actively listening to members of the sport and other related sectors to learn about their views on the direction of the new policy.

The CSP 2.0 was publicly released in June 2012 and was approved by federal / provincial/ territories ministers responsible for sport. The policy can be accessed on the Sport Information Resource Centre's website by clicking here.

Physical Inactivity & Obesity Crisis

The statistics show that Canada is on the verge of an obesity epidemic for which our healthcare system is unprepared. SMG believes that sport and physical activity have a role to play in reversing this trend, thereby improving the health of Canadians and reducing the burden on our strained healthcare system.  In contrast to the ever escalating cost of furnishing crisis care and long term illness treatment, sport and physical activity have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive forms of prevention.

Check out an Op-Ed published by Bob Elliott, Senior Leader of SMG, in the September 22, 2015 edition of the Montreal Gazette entitled 'All federal parties should be paying more attention to promoting fitness'