Manitoba Provincial Election - Sector Platform Summary

The province of Manitoba votes on Tuesday April 19th, 2016, to decide their provincial government. Judging by recent polls, it looks like the Progressive Conservative Party is poised to reclaim power from the incumbant New Democratic Party and an emerging Liberal Party looking at a huge increase in popular vote.

Manitoba is proudly hosting the 2017 Canada Summer Games and has a proud history of sport, recreation and physical activity. Given the amount of great professional and amateur athletes from this province (Jonathon Toews, Clara Hughes, Jon Montgomery, Desiree Scott to name only a few) and the amount of excellent sector leaders and organizations this province has, we felt compelled to do a quick scan of the party platforms and how healthy living initiatives, sport, recreation and physical activity were highlighted.

Please note that of the major parties that we contacted for further information, only the Liberal Party of Manitoba provided us with a response. Similiar to the platforms of the recent Saskatchewan election, there is a dearth of information on each major party's platform for our sector.

Did we miss anything? If your organization has confirmation of any sector related promises for this election, please e-mail us.

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  • No direct mention of recreation or physical activity in the entire document
  • Establishment of an international curling centre of excellence to build on Manitoba’s reputation as the curling capital of the world, enhance our standing as a world leader in the roaring game, and promote the development of high-performance curlers, clubs, coaches and the sport itself.
  • Plans to support tourism and infrstructure, but no specific funds or acknowledgement of the sport tourism sector

Platform -No formal Platform document available on the website, but main categories and announcements can be found here


  • The NDP will invest $125 million over five years to help build and renovate arenas, pools, parks, libraries and other facilities
  • Invest an additional $20 million to upgrade provincial parks
  • Highlight the economic benefit of the recent hosting of Grey Cup 2015 and parts of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup
  • A dedication to supporting tourism, but no concrete mention of sport hosting or new funding

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  • Remove all PST from children’s sporting goods, up to and including age 14
  • A commitment to more exercise in schools for all children
  • More support to Manitoba tourism, but no direct mention of our sector
  • Direct infrastructure dollars to enhancing and maintaining cultural facilities, no direct mention of our sector