Sport Matters Group's Recommendation for Athlete Assistance Included in SCOF Report

The Standing Committee on Finance Report was released yesterday and one of Sport Matters Group's recommendations was included among the 81 recommendations that were made to the Minister of Finance.

The specific recommendation that was included is as follows:


That the Government of Canada increase funding for the Athlete Assistance Program in order to reflect the increasing costs of living. In doing so, the number of athletes funded through the program should not be reduced.


There were 300 groups and individuals who appeared before the committee. 400 submissions and thousands of recommendations were made across the country by numerous sectors.

The next step in the budget process is for the Minister of Finance (Hon. Bill Morneau) to consider and decide whether or not this recommendation will be included in Budget 2017-18.

On behalf of the sector, Sport Matters Group thanks the Committee for their support, and hopes that this long standing request is implemented.

If you want to see the full report of the Committee it can be found here