Sport connects us. Sport changes us.

Discover how, and make your own positive change.

Sport4Change.ca serves a community that believes in sport and recreation as a catalyst for action. The complex challenges we face – in every province, city or town across Canada – can only be confronted when people are engaged. Sport and recreation, in all its shapes, sizes and variety can be a springboard for that kind of transformative engagement.

On this web site you will meet real people, hear their ideas, share in their successes and lessons learned, and discover how they’ve used sport and recreation to feed their passion and build their communities.

Whether they’re fighting poverty, helping newcomers integrate into Canada, or providing direction for youth in crisis, this page is home to their stories.

Almost half of all volunteers in Canada get their first experience through sport and recreation. It’s where the next generation of community leaders establishes social networks, learns to lead, and understands the power of teams.

Sport4Change.ca is a platform that speaks for the Sport for Development movement. It envisions a network of community leaders seeking to use sport and recreation programs to contribute to the economic and social vitality of their communities across Canada.

By participating in this site, you support the idea that people, communities, even nations can be changed forever – and for good – by sport.      

We invite you to explore Sport4Change.ca to discover stories of the life-changing and community-building power of sport and recreation.

“Sport for development” is the intentional use of sport and physical activity to achieve specific, positive outcomes. Some of the most common goals include encouraging youth to return to school, disease prevention (e.g. HIV/Aids), crime reduction, and youth engagement.

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Sport4Change.ca is a library…with a difference.  More than just checking out other people’s stories (stories that you never have to bring back!), you’re also invited to put your story on our shelves for others to read, watch and listen to. 

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