Sport Matters Group - January 2019 Update


Minister Duncan names new press secretary 
(from the Hill Times - January 16-19)

Science and Sport Minister Kirsty Duncan has recruited Daniele Medlej from Government House Leader Bardish Chagger’s office to serve as her new press secretary.

Ms. Medlej marked her first day in Ms. Duncan’s office on Dec. 17. She’d previously been press secretary to Ms. Chagger since August 2018. She first began working for Ms. Chagger as a special assistant for social media in January 2017 during her time as the minister for small business and tourism and followed the MP for Waterloo, Ont., to her current office as the Liberal House leader in November 2017.

A McGill University political science undergraduate alumna, Ms. Medlej interned in the PMO over the summer of 2016.

Ms. Duncan has been without a press secretary for a number of months since Ann Marie Paquet exited the role, and the minister’s office, in September. She’s now a senior communications adviser with the department of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development.

Former Ontario Liberal staffer Craig MacBride replaced Michael Bhardwaj as director of communications to Ms. Duncan in October, as previously reported by Hill Climbers. Anne Dawson is chief of staff to the minister.

Budget 2019 - Join SMG on the Hill 

The Sport Matters Group is actively promoting our Budget 2019 Recommendation to increase the Sport Canada Sport Support Program by 25% ($18 million per year on an ongoing basis). We have several meetings scheduled with Members of Parliament. Sport Matters Group contributors are invited and encouraged to join us at these meetings. If you are interested and available to attend one of the following meetings, please contact Lindsay.

Common Good Report to the sector

After engaging with Canada's nonprofit sector for the past six months, we are proud to release a progress report on the Common Good Retirement Initiative.  The demand and need for a national, portable, collective retirement plan is higher than we anticipated – and support for the initiative continues to grow.
We hope you take a moment to read the report.  Highlights include:

  • 65 employers from 12 provinces and territories have committed to offer Common Good, should it be made available – exceeding our initial goal by 30%
  • national survey showed over 90% interest in the Common Good Retirement Plan from both workers and employers
  • 8 employer roundtables in 7 cities/regions and responses to our consultation paper provided positive feedback on the proposed plan design for Common Good
  • Employers across the country expressed their need for support in establishing a retirement program in their workplaces, as well as a demand for high-quality retirement education as part of Common Good

Thanks to a new partnership with Vancity, in addition to renewed commitments from MaytreeMetcalf Foundation, and Atkinson Foundation, we have the opportunity to move to a new and exciting phase.  Over the next six months, we will:

  • Develop a regionally-based partnership model to maximize Common Good's impact within local communities, initially collaborating with Vancity to test this model in BC
  • Further develop the governance model and plan design for Common Good 
  • Grow our critical mass of committed employers
  • Build support for Common Good among policy makers 
  • Expand Common Good's national reach by conducting regional employer roundtables in partnership with local nonprofits and champions

We are optimistic that with the right partners, design and engagement model, Common Good could be available as early as late 2019.