Staffing changes in Minister of Science and Sport, Kristy Duncan's office

The following information was listed in the August 6th edition of the Hill Times:

Hill Climbers: Post-cabinet staffing decisions underway, changes happening in the Prime Minister’s Office

"... Previously, Melissa Rumble filled the role of executive assistant to Ms. Telford and Mr. Butts. Ms. Rumble has since left to join Science and Sport Minister Kirsty Duncan’s office, where she’s now a coordinator for tour and operations.

Ms. Duncan has been minister of Science since November 2015, and took over the sports portfolio in January. Until recently, Ms. Duncan oversaw two separate cabinet offices, with two chiefs of staff and the like, but post-shuffle, the offices have officially been merged into one, albeit one that’s entirely made up of her team from Science, led by chief of staff Anne Dawson.

That team also currently includes Caroline Loiacono, director of parliamentary affairs; Michael Bhardwaj, director of communications; Ann Marie Paquet, press secretary; Felicity Feinman, digital and social media lead; Stephanie Muccilli, policy adviser; Joshua Lindner, special assistant for western regional affairs; Micaela Carrier, executive assistant; and recent addition, Jagmeet Sra, parliamentary affairs and policy assistant. Ms. Sra was previously an assistant to Finance Minister Bill Morneau in his capacity as the MP for Toronto Centre, Ont.

Stephanie Muccilli has been promoted. Photograph courtesy of LinkedIn

As well, former policy adviser Stephanie Muccilli is now Ms. Duncan’s director of policy, having been promoted in June after John Burnett left the minister’s office. He’s since started a new job as director of stakeholder relations and parliamentary affairs for the National Research Council Canada.

Hill Climbers understands that the fate of Ms. Duncan’s other staff team from sport is currently in the air and being sorted out—so far, Jude Welch, who was chief of staff to Ms. Duncan in her office as Sport Minister, has been tapped as chief of staff to Seniors Minister Filomena Tassi, a new addition to cabinet with a new portfolio. ..."