9 Lives Adventures

Hello everybody, and welcome to 9Lives Adventures!

My name is Karim Ladki and I thank you for taking interest in our journey.

Spring of 2010, following the Paralympics here in British Columbia, I noticed a change. This change was provoked through the drive, dedication and overall higher standard of performance from these "dis"abled athletes.

I watched as they pushed themselves, their minds and their bodies to new heights, shattering previous records and misconceptions. They not only achieved for themselves, but collectively succeed in contradicting their own classification of "disabled sport". I watched as societies eye raised an eyebrow. Suddenly the term "disabled" lost all meaning to me.

I would spend the next sleepless nights reminiscing the days that I too was in a wheelchair, recovering from a C7 spinal chord injury. With a basic understanding of the possible paralysis that should have consumed my mobility, it was not until I had met a new friend, Matt Thola, that my understanding gained new depth. He would be the final element in my current stage of life to push me to undertake the steps towards reaching a new potential.

Matt is a mirror of myself; he is adventurous, confident and infected with what people call "the travel bug". We are the same age, share the same humor and bear the same titanium cages and scars. The only real physical difference between us is his wheelchair.

Our interaction and camaraderie would send me on a journey to find the most adventurous travel itinerary we could both enjoy while still catering to Matt's additional needs. However, the adrenaline-filled itinerary we craved hadn't evolved from the catered cruise and bus tours boasting accessibility and safety. This isn't what we were after, thus fuelling me to create an alternative.

That's when 9Lives Adventures was created.

It was my incentive to get Matt (and future followers) to the tallest, highest, longest and most adrenaline-pumping points of the globe and document it. Sure it sounded outrageous and had its fair share of criticism, but it was exciting for both of us.

Here we are one year later. We have successfully explored two continents, written reviews on over 38 tours, got in newspapers and national television, skydived with Australia's first paraplegic skydiver, surfed with a 2x world champion and, most importantly, lived by the limitless example we sought to create and share. 

With the proper support and publicity, 9Lives can become the motivational tool of our generation for people living with limited mobility and help in the breakdown of pre-set social limitations.

We are Alive. We are Individual. We are ABLE

In this 3-part video

  1. Introduction to 9 Lives
  2. What we do and how we do it
  3. Testimonial with Dale Elliott: 1st Australian paraplegic skydiver

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