First Nations Snowboard Team

The First Nations Snowboard Initiative

The First Nations Snowboard Team (FNST) and its partners are establishing a Legacy for Aboriginal youth by providing opportunities using winter sport as a vehicle for social change.

FNST is the only snowboard body that is entirely operated by Aboriginal snowboarders. FNST members must reflect a holistic approach, and commit to their Athlete Agreements.

On August 10, 2007 the FNST received its Certificate of Incorporation under the Society Act as the Aboriginal Snowboard Association (ASA). The FNST will continue to expand and create new divisions by sharing our model to all First Nation, Métis, and Inuit of Canada.

The FNST is comprised of 7 Tiers:

  • Staff and Instructors
  • BC Team members
  • High Performance Team (HPT)
  • Jr Elite (JET)
  • Recreation Advanced (REC)
  • Recreation Novice
  • Recreation Beginner

History - Building Our Legacy Together

On November 22, 2002 the nations, Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation and the Province of British Columbia signed the "Shared Legacies Agreement from the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games."

The Aboriginal Youth Sport Legacy Fund (AYSLF) was created and provided funding to start the FNST in 2004. The AYSLF has since been the main contributor to the FNST’s growth.

The Canada West Ski Areas Association provides the FNST opportunities to create and strengthen relationships between First Nations and Resorts.

FNST Mission Statement

"To improve the quality of life and empower Aboriginal youth across Canada using the winter sport of snowboarding as a fundamental tool for excellence."

The First Nation Snowboard Team members are ambassadors for Aboriginal people.

We will continue to thrive, to have our First Nation Snowboard Team (FNST) athletes compete in Winter Olympic competitions. The High Performance Team is striving to build our athletes to compete at a world/international level.

We are building excellent relationships, we will continue to build on existing relationships and develop new ones.

It’s great to participate on the First Nation Snowboard Team (FNST), it welcomes all individuals.

The FNST represents: honor, commitment, organized, goal setting, dedication, discipline, skill, and performance. The FNST is the snowboard body dedicated to the development of elite and recreational First Nation athletes. The FNST is the only organization of its kind operated entirely by First Nation snowboarders.


  • Succession planning to become a sustainable organization
  • Capacity building and skill development
  • Our athletes today are the leaders of tomorrow.

FNST Goals

  • Healthier communities through structured diverse training
  • Operate in all regions of British Columbia (BC) 2010
  • Build capacity within aboriginal communities and create the infrastructure for a sustainable winter sport beyond 2010
  • Pilot in BC and expand Nationally post 2010
  • Establish new beneficial partnerships between Aboriginal organizations and ski areas