Fit 4 Defense

For the past 6 years I have had the incredible opportunity to empower youth through a dynamic program called ‘Fit 4 Defense’ which addresses some difficult issues our young people are dealing with today.  The curriculum directly targets social risk factors such as negative attitudes, a lack of values or beliefs, the absence of positive role models, low self-esteem, negative peer pressure, inactivity and poor physical fitness and involvement in sports.  

The program is a fun and social approach which utilizes self-defense and self-awareness training to counteract the psychological feelings of ‘powerlessness’.   With over 5,000 students participating in this program to date, I have seen continual transformations in their emotional, physical and mental growth.  Walls they have built up around themselves start to crumble as they begin to see their own value, worth and power. This in turn causes them to be accepting of themselves and others.

Through this training, I can share my life experiences in order to help these kids overcome their struggles, knowing that each one of them is capable of achieving this. I see myself as a positive role model giving back to the community. This fulfills my passion as I contribute to the growth of those around me.  What a joy and an honour! I have realized how much power and influence we have over each other and how if we show up positively in our world we can make a huge difference!


I would like to share a story written by two grade 6 Fit 4 Defense students that says it all:

”Have you ever got so mad you just felt like punching somebody? Or have you ever got so sad you just wanted to commit suicide? Well that is exactly what Fit 4 Defense teaches you to control and in an enjoyable way too. It is run by a number of trainers. During March the grade 6 and 5/6 classes at Quigley School participated in this program. Our instructor was named Michelle Tremblay and she is the best. She has 15 years of experience in Karate. After a traumatizing event that happened to her, she felt so sad, mad and very confused. She didn't know what to do, but then she became involved in karate to help her deal with her feelings. Now she is extremely good and shares her skills by teaching children the importance of self defense. " -Jayce

"During our seven sessions with Michelle she taught us how to develop our physical and mental strength. When asked why she started teaching self-defense she responded, " Anyone can learn self-defense skills which teaches the physical skills that would enable a person to defend themselves in a confrontation but most importantly it teaches people how to be self-aware so they can permanently change attitudes and behaviours which helps to increase an individual's control over all aspects of life." The fact that Michelle loves teaching was very obvious because she made every session exciting. She did lots of things with us every time she came. She taught us how to get out of choke holds and some other basics such as kicks, strikes and various punches. However it was pointed out that we only use these moves to defend ourselves. Hopefully we will never need to use these, Michelle hasn't, but knowing how to has given her strength and confidence. Every time she came she told us what we were going to do and made sure we understood it. During every session we warmed up with fun games, and then we moved into the skill we were learning with time to practice, ending with a stretch and relaxation session. Fit 4 Defense has taught us a lot of cool things and we loved the experience." -Joel

Thank you to all my mentors, teachers, coaches and students who have continued to support my work and see the vision of empowering change.  I leave you with one final quote from the program, ‘Mastering others is strength.  Mastering ourselves is TRUE POWER”.  

See our website for more details about the Fit 4 Defense program:

Michelle Tremblay
Fit 4 Defense
Master Trainer
May 2012