Fitspirit, a mission, a goal: to get teenage girls moving

Since 2007, FitSpirit has travelled to the four corners of Ontario and Quebec to create awareness among teenage girls of the various ways they can take part in physical activity. Whether it’s through school programs or events, FitSpirit promotes the idea that it’s fun to take part in all variety of physical activities.

In 2009-2010, we integrated a dynamic program into our activities to allow girls the opportunity to channel their motivation and realize the benefits of taking part in a simple physical activity accessible to everyone: the run. It’s the program we call FitClub. After eight weeks of training under the supervision of their teacher and the FitSpirit team, participants challenge themselves to run a 5K course. A fantastic celebration where the buzz words are encouragement, fun and going beyond our limits!

FitSpirit is also active during winter time! In January and February 2013, for the 6th consecutive year, we are holding our Snow Challenge, which was named in 2011 “the largest ski and snowboarding event for teenage girls in North America”! During the event, participants are taking ski and snowboard lessons offered by inspiring women in a relaxed atmosphere. In January 2012, we welcomed 450 girls to two locations in the province of Quebec.  This year on January 18th, on top of the two events in the Quebec province, FitSpirit is proud to be organizing the very first edition of Snow Challenge at Mount St. Louis in Ontario!