MoreSports: Giving Kids a Chance to Play

It is well known that sports participation is not only valuable to foster children’s health but also as a prime vehicle to foster social inclusion and community involvement in children as they mature.

The MoreSports/YELL model primarily centres on fostering social inclusion by removing barriers to participation. This means addressing a number of personal barriers beyond cost: ease of access; availability of coaches; offering activities that children wanted; providing a non-competitive model; providing a welcoming atmosphere for children from various cultures or with special needs. 

MoreSports and YELL have proven extraordinarily successful at involving local children and youth in sports, physical activities, and leadership training. While MoreSports was initially developed to provide opportunities for the children and youth in disadvantaged neighbourhoods to participate in sports, it has also become clear over time that the MoreSports/YELL model can deliver value in any community.