Fitspirit is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help teenage girls discover the advantages and the enjoyment that come from taking part in physical activity in an environment that is positive, promotes a healthy self image and is open to everyone. Thanks to a tailor-made program and fun activities, FitSpirit motivates girls aged 12 to 17 to develop healthy lifestyle habits that they achieve by realizing their own potential.

Did you know that Statistics Canada’s Canadian Health Measures survey shows that only 4% of girls meet the Canadian standards for physical activity? What’s more, it’s also noted that girls are often preoccupied with their weight, their body image, their self-esteem and have a fear of being judged by boys. (MB et al. (2006) Listening to girls and boys talk about girl’s physical activity behaviours. Health Educ behav 33:81-96).

FitSpirit is fortunate to have a dynamic team of health professionals, athlete-speakers and mentors, who support, motivate and provide the necessary tools for teenage girls to acquire more confidence in themselves as they work towards an active lifestyle. Thanks to its program developed exclusively for girls, FitSpirit reached nearly 4,800 girls in Quebec and 1,900 girls in Ontario through its presentations in 2011-2012.

Following the presentations, FitSpirit offers a running program called FitClub, spread out over approximately 10 weeks, in which teenage girls can train alongside their friends with the goal of running a 5K. The final challenge lasts a day, but is always permanently etched in their memories: according to our 2012 statistics, 60% of FitClub participants had never previously done anything similar to running a 5K. What’s more, in our most recent survey, 75.3% of the participants in Quebec and 81.3% of participants in Ontario stated the following: “I have more confidence in myself now that I’ve completed the challenge of running a 5K.”

...And our “pink brigade” has only just begun to motivate teenage girls to be active! FitSpirit continues to pursue its mission with an eye on expanding the program.