Gracie Protopapas

City: Ottawa
Province: Ontario

I am in my final year of journalism at Carleton University. I have always been involved in sports starting with soccer, which I continue to play today. I have played soccer competitively for Waterloo for 12 years and I played for Carleton University in my first year of school. I highland danced for 15 years as well as played soccer, basketball, and volleyball in high school. I have always believed that sports should play a significant role in a person’s life, however, having a nice balance is also necessary. I have always loved to sing and have participated in six choirs including my high school award winning chamber and jazz choir. This year I graduate and hope to get a job in TV journalism.

When I found out about the Ottawa Street Soccer league I thought it was perfect. This league is helping those that have been excluded by the community get back into society in a fun and active way. I hope this league can continue and grow in the future.