Street Soccer Canada

City: Toronto
Province: Ontario

Paul Gregory

Over 2000 players have passed through the street soccer programs in Vancouver, Victoria, Comox, Kelowna, Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton and Calgary combined over the last eight years on their journey through sport some going on to the Homeless World Cup of Soccer’s international tournament.

Street Soccer Canada has initiated a grassroots program with sport as social inclusion as its focus. Its aim is to engage and connect with marginalized shelter users and individuals that have been isolated and are on the fringes, using the positive power of sport to enrich and empower. The focus of these local programs and the national and international tournaments is strength based – players have said they come away with a sense of contribution and hope. A broader goal of the tournament is to raise awareness about broader global issues of poverty and systemic challenges within our social welfare systems.

For the past eight years, through international tournaments and city leagues street Soccer Canada has been working on including those, who may otherwise be excluded, through physical activity and sport. Our yearly national soccer tournament aims to develop soccer skills while at the same time looking to more broadly develop inclusive strategies to empower and instill hope as well as to improve team, communication and health.