Tamasha Grant

City: Toronto
Province: Ontario

I am Tamasha Grant. I am a 30 year old mother of 2, with a passion for life that was born and raised here in Canada to a low income immigrant family.

I have come to learn of hardship, obstacles and the struggle it takes in order to make it in this society. These struggles however have made me a strong and resilient person who is aware of the constant barriers that many of the people in this community face daily.

I am speaking of Jane and Finch neighbourhood where many a dream goes unrealized and negative stigmas outweigh the positive. I have lived here most of my life and choose to look beyond what the media portrays and continue to see hidden potential and talent bloom and mature through our youth. Luckily enough for me I am one of the few people that are able to see this happen every day. For the past 6 years as the convenor of the Jane Finch Minor Tennis League, I have had the honor of seeing wonderful things come to pass and be a part of what is guaranteed to be a legacy in the Jane and Finch Community.